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in 2010 witii funding from 

Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 



Volume 81 



Medical College of Virginia 


i s Medical College of Virginia students, wehave^ 
^X chosen career goals which reflect our dedication 
to improving life. Striving not only for excellence in 
academics, but also we endeavor to maintain the 
highest standards for patient care 
As the students of today we will h 
professionals of tomorrow, building ffuffutim 
with sincere concerns and interest in the liealth relatt 
problems of today and tomorrow, foreseeing ^ 
problems and seeking solutions are the responsi^ 
of each and every health care professional. 
mind, the combination of knowledgeable 
motivated students, and a carefully planned 
^um insures the future success of our graduate 
is dedicated to preparing and promoting us tot 
promising professionals. And so, for this yi 
always, it is our strong compassion for humahi 
leaves us searching for the" VJZAJC SJQJ^S\ 

Left: Susan Smith (N'95) in a rage of "Computer Madness." 
~ low: Voncier Parker (N'95) listens to her patient's lungs. 

Above: Tami Conner, Dorothy Conner, Vicky Right: Nancy Bollinger (D'94) makes an 
Jones and Tammy Jones (P'94) perform an experi- great first impression! 
ment in drug analysis lab. 

Below: Chrissie Mills and Chris Huff (D'94) take tune to relax on the 
weekend. Right: Abbey Heath and Tamara Liggon (P'94) getting out of the 
big city. Below right: David Haggerty, Caria Irving, Melissa Haggerty and 
Mary Cetlin (N'94) . . . "Finally, chowtime!" 

Left: Dr. Parkinson, Tina Smith, Bill Descovich, and Jane Grosser (D'94 
drink a few "brews" at the Delta Sigma Delta Crab feast. Above: Jodi Budge 
Kathy Cook, Ann Warfield, and Linda King (D'94) following Kathy'i 

Left: Alvin Garcia, Lesli Manis, and Mary Huddleston (N'9Sj keepiag 
dry at the Strawberry Hill Races. Below: Bonnie Cousins and Carol 
Fowler (N'94) might just be the next candidates for Siamese twin 
separation surgery! Middle left: Pharmacy students enjoying the "big 
~|ow" in March '93. Middle right: P'95s with "Big Boy" 

Below: Tina Boyd and Oierdre Rumrill (P'94) Right: H( 
Bright. Amy Leslie, Marcy Woodward, and Cindy Johnso n fffi 
_. .^ ,'-.■-:■ ^.- . . . ^^j Hyunmee Lee (D'95) 

Left: Jim Forni (D'95) wind surfs at Canadian Hole in Cape Hatteras. Below: 
Clif Harris (D'95) waifs for a deer while bow hunting. 

Recreation and Relaxation 









Left: Bill Descovich and Dave Montgomery {D'94) crab feasting. Abbey 
Heath and Tamara Liggon (P'94) take a break from roller blading. 

Above left: Rich Woodfin, Richard Roach, 
Alen Cole, and Brent Gregory (P'95) request a 
small favor at the Pharmacy Formal. Above 
right: Kelly Croft and Melanie Sliger (P'95) 
catching some rays on spring break. Left: Jim 
Forni (D'95) snags the game winning touch- 
down out of the air! 

Left: The D'96 boys go striper fishing. Above: 
Jason Cahill (P'94] manages to "balance" his 
partying and studying. 

Below: Kandi Klutz and Laurie Miner (P'94) practice panral 
counseling in pharmacy lab. Right: Scott Miller (D'95) adminis- 
ters an injection prior to treating his patient. 

Above; Paige Fletcher, Trade Wood, Laurie Miner, Right: Pharmacy students attempt to illustrate the 
Dawn Edwards, and Angle Keating (P'94) getting point in a "safe sex seminar." 
ready for a lecture to begin. 

Left: Chris Banks and Kate Bedford (P'94) per- 
form a drug analysis. Below left; Donna Win- 
borne (N'95) spends some quality time with her 
I patient. 

Dentistty in 

Todd Fowler, Chrissie Mills, Dr. Noel Root, Nancy Bollinger, Chad 
Morgan, Jenny Williams, Carol Brooks, and Gail Cooper take a break on 
the weekend at Discovery Bay. Below: The beautiful Jamaican sunrises 
welcomed us to another hard days work. 

Above: Outside the Long Pond Clinic with some of our patients and friends. 
Above right: Chad Morgan struggles to extract a tooth, as Todd Fowler and 
Jenny Williams assist. Right: Carol Brooks gives post-op instructions after an 

Left: The view from our front porch! 
Below left: Dr. Robert Barnes assists 
Chrissie Mills with composites. Below 
right: Nancy Bollinger prepares a tooth 
for an amalgam. Bottom left: Nancy 
Bollinger and Todd Fowler restore 
more teeth. Bottom right: Carol Brooks 
completes initial therapy! 

Left: Carl McCrady (D'96) wins the Biggest Fish Award. 

Below: Todd Bivens, Justin Martin, and Chip Hill (D'95) 
ready for the slopes in Lake Placid, NY. 

Above: Shannon Fleming, April Hampton, and Alvin Garcia 
(N'95) celebrating at the end of the year picnic. Right: Brandon 
Pace, Mary Pat Doane, and Sandy Kapur (P'94) party into the 
night at the end of year pharmacy celebration. 

Left; Susan Smith and Margaret Loxon (N'95). Below 
left: Mary Huddleston, Amy Leslie, Cindy Johnson, 
Marcy Woodward, Ramone Navarro, and Lesli Manis at 
the Strawberry Hill Races. Below right: David Swett 
and Tore Steinberg (D'94) competing in a weekend golf 

Above; Those crazy D'96s model the latest Above right: Jane Grosser (D'94) relaxes on the 
70's attire. weekend. Right: Cindy Johnson and Heather 

Bright (N'95) dancing the night away at the 

Spring Formal. 

^^M"^ ''^^^^^^^^BI^Bh^^h 

i^^H^^^HL'o-^ i 

m flHH 

^^^^^^^^^H^» i 

^>^ -^^^g 

^^-^ dSL IH 

Belou^enta^ and Pharniacy students enjoy a i 

a! Poe's Restnurant. Right: Beth Cox, Dionne foi 

and Linda Joyce attend the National Con 

''"^ivlfHTf- PfivS!-!)*- iftijkf^tiv --,,-•■ 

Dewoiiih "gcMmg t.i know , .1, HnU 
Brol a\> takps d litfle nao 

Left: Pharmacy students demonstrate the effects of alcohol on 
"safe sex". Below left: Members of the Med. Tech. class listen 
intently to a lecturer. Below: Dr. Bush explains occlusal anatomy 
to D.J. Bickers (D'97). 


Adding to Academics 

Above: Chris Banks (P'94) works hard at drug lit. 
Left: Med. Tech. students are hard at work in the 
lab. Above right: Debra Doling (D'94) teaches 
Matt Cooke and Ben Collins (D'97) dental anato- 
my. Right: After hours of hard work, OT students 
proudly show off the splints they made. 

Left: Pam Bunker (N'95) tends to her patient. Below left: 
Melissa Haggerty (N'94) takes a break in the hospital. 
Below; Mary Cetlin (N'94) writes in her journal. 


Ik H^^^H 

^^^^^^^F'"'' '^^^H 

Ik l^^^^l 

^^^^^^^^^^^9 ' ^^^^K^ 



t "▼' , 1 

Above left: Keith Olson and Wendy Moore (D'97) get prep, checks 
from Dr. Linda Baughn. Left: Uma Chaudhari and Sangita 
Neryrkar (D'95) in class. Above: Dr. Michael Dishman reviews a 
patient's treatment plan with Al Sasala. 

Who 13 


Below: Russ Owens and Tia Bain take a break on the weekend. 
Right: Dental Hygiene takes a weekend trip to Canaan Valley, WV 
for some skiing. Below right: Oriana Duet (N'94) has the solution 
to a hard day. 

Above: Derrick Broadway (D'94) and guest attend the spring 
formal. Right: Jeff Beyer (D'95) gets dressed up by his wife, Nikki, 
at a bridal shower. 

Left: Karen Verga, Rebecca Scango, and Prashant Reddy 
(D'94) celebrate the holiday season at the annual Psi 
Omega Christmas party. Below left: Rene Gebb, Itaci 
Wood, and Julia Nguyen show how pharmacy students 
take a break from studying. Below: John Lowe and 
Kristin Coveny (P'95) enjoy a night out. 

Left: Dr. Ross McClung, TVacy Salyer, Ben Collins, Neil 
Morrison, Brett Dameron, and Anthony Peluso cele- 
brate the end of Gross Anatomy. Above: Jeff Hamling- 
(D'96) finds time on the weekend to do some fishing. 

Below: Anthony Martin, Oamdy Chantilituay, and Kathy 
Zinas (D'96) catch dinner on a hot summer day. Right: Jim 
Forni makes another game winning catch! Below right: 
Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow can keep these dental 
students off the golf course. 

Working Up A Sweat 

Left: Katie Snow (N'94) dribbles down court for a fast 
break. Above: Intramural girls' sports can get a little rough! 

Bart Goldsherry (D'96) looks for an open receivar. 

Left: Steve Larkin gets high in the air for the catch. Middle above: Jim 
Forni and John Schinto get ready to do some wind surfing. Above: 
Pharmacy Beach trip. 

Below: Cathy LaChine, Trish Brown, and Amy Glover enjoy the p^' 
scenery at the water fluoridation plant. Right: Jeff Friend tries to ' 

warm up on a wet day at the golf course. Below right: Bill 
Descovich and Carol Cress must have been a bit too adventurous! 

Adventurous Outings 

Left: Justin Martin practicing "Lord of the Slopes" in Lake Placid, NY. 
Above: Dental students take to the forest for a game of "Splat". 

Top: Ashley Epes and John Schinto 
camping on Chincoteague Island. 
Above left: Todd Bivins treading on 
thin ice in Lake Placid. Above right: 
Derek Galatro and Mike Murphy float- 
ing on the James River. TVish Brown 
meets Bruce Hornsby on a flight to 
Florida over Labor Day weekend. 

iEat ^m 

MCV Pets 

Above: Lana Soules with "Nikki" and 
"Winnie". Above middle: Jeff Beyer with 
"Barney Beagle". Above right: Pat De- 
long with "Spike". Right: Tish Grubbs' 
"Buttons" with aseptic technique! Far 
right: Sherry Toone's "Kitty". 



Above left: Martha Che- 
noweth's "Onyx". Above; 
John Lowe's "Gravy". Left: 
Chrissie Mills' and Clif Har- 
ris' "Cinder". Right: Ron 
\¥anas' "Max" opens wide 
for a check up. 



SEP Virginia 


^— * 



^JUL • Virginia 



JUL "" Virginia "^ 


■^^■wwiiiwiiBiiiiiaBwiiiiM Bww 



For Better ... Or Worse 

Top: Dr. McCasland holds Sidney, daughter of Mark Asper (D'94). Top 
right: Mr. and Mrs. Trey Nelson (D'94). Above: Suzanne Pellegrino 
Dennis (D'95) with her husband, John. Right: Travis, son of Amy 
Glover (DH'94) explores the dental clinic. 

Top left: Steven, son of Steve Forte (D'95) gets an early start to good oral 
hygiene. Top right: Mr. and Mrs. Rawley Fuller (D'95) with guests at their 
wedding. Left: Lindsay, daughter of Steve Forte (D'95). Above; Clifton Harris 
(D'95) and Chrissie Mills Harris (D'94). 

Caught . . . Red Handed 

Jeff Friend (D'95) prepares for 
game of "SPLAT"! 

Greg Kassan (D*94) and guest at the 
Halloween party as Florida tour- 

Jae and Ramona (MT'94) cooking 
for a luncheon fund raiser. 

"Speedy" Curtis, Kate Bedford- Andrews (P'94s) and Katherine Floyd (P'95) Teresa Mills and Doug Webb (P'94s) 
enjoying the fun at an SGA party. socialize at a pharmacy party. 

Jodi Campbell makes a wish, as 
Kenny Morgan looks on. Both are 

David Swett ((D'94) waits for an 
impression to set up. 

j»g^ Amy Silverstein, Melanie Sliger, 
Kelly Croft, and Lea Johns attend a 
pharmacy hat party. 

Sara Morrison, Debra Brooks, Tl-acie Wood, Laura Stephens, Lisa Walters Tina Boyd (P'94) sells sweat shirts 
and Criston Maitland (P'94s) at a "Graffiti" party. as a fund raiser for the senior class. 




Above right: Derrick Broadway (D'94) served 
as SGA President for the 1993-94 school year. 

:iN<^ * 

» - 1 

©Mm E)®^ ^Dil 

Jamaica . . . 0-[ey Mon! 


up^daf thanJ^s to cdl thost who 
made contriButions to the Jammr 
cajxindcmdto those who workgd 
so hard to kgep the project going. 

Brad M. (M'96), Parisa Payman, 
Damdy Chantharilay, Kathy Zinas, 
and Reba Matthews (D'96s] take a 
minute to pose before going to the 
Halloween party. 

Boyd Welton (D'94) smiles after 
winning a golf tournament. 

Jae (MT'94) kids around in class. "Finger licking good" says Mrs. TVoy Bage, Julie Woodford, and Jennifer Gardner (PT'94) attend the Nation- 
Lindsay, MT Chairman. al Physical Therapy student conclave at Louisville, Kentucky in October. 

Clif Harris (D'95), Chrissie Mills 
(D'94), Russ Owens (D'97) and guest, 
Robin have a few drinks before the 

Dr. Unger and Dr. McCasland know 
how to escape from students on the 


Bill Descovich (D'94) and guest, Car- Rebecca Scango and Prashant Red- 
ol, at the Halloween party. dy (D'94s) take a break from a long 

week in clinic. 





Allied Mealtk 

Health Administration 
Medical Technology 
Nurse Anesthesia 
Nuclear Medicine 
Occupational Therapy 
Physical Therapy 

Allied Mealth 

Troy Ashby, MT'94 
Kirsten Bell, MT'94 
Narjeah Boisseau, NM'95 
Janet Britt, MT'95 
Rosina Cook, MT'95 

Ellen Geesey, MT'95 
Cynthia Hody, MT'94 
Elizabeth Johnson, MT'94 
Sung Won Lim, MT'95 
David Lockhart, RT'94 

Teresa Lubman, MT'95 
Tracey McGregor, MT'93 
Kenneth O'Beirne, MT'95 
Anita Rivard, MT'95 

Frances Siragusa, MT'95 
Abdul Slam, MT'95 
Nicole Thomas, MT'95 
Yvonne Veloso, MT'95 
Michelle Upshaw, MT'94 

Hospital Administration Class '96 
First row: Brian Jenkins, Brad Dan- 
iels, April MuUins, Leigh Ullman, 
Margaret Smith, and Jim McGuire. 
Second row: Kevin Glasz 
Lueck, Art Dilworth, Steve Wogen, 
Kristen Zeterberg, Shannon Mose- 
ley, Lisa Clark, Jill Shelby, Ranjitha 
Kurup, Asimah Qureshi, and Leslie 
Sheppard. Third row: Lee Higgin- 
botham, John Sylvia, Curt Howell, 
Macon Moore, Ed Williford, Mi- 
chelle Carey, Patrick Billings, Char- 
les Nelson, and Doug Neely 

Above: Frances Siragusa and Anita Ri- 
vard. Above right: Pragna and Theresa 
MT'95 practice taking blood pressures. 
Right: Lisa, Liz and Yvonne MT'95 stu- 
dents having lunch. 

Above: Tony checks petri dishes for signs of growth. Right: Shelly 
Davis MT'95 takes a break from lab to refill her mug. 

Top: Yvonne Veloso, Jennifer 
Thuilot, Teresa Lubman, Abdul 
Slam and Kristen Wood MT'95 stu- 
dents. Above: Kristen Bell, Pragna 
Patel and Michelle Upshaw relax at 
the Junior-Senior social for Med. 

Occupational Zkcrapy 

Nancy Armstrong, '95 

Susan Barrett, '95 

Cheryl Baxa, '95 

Kimberly Blackman, '95 

Linda Bruce, '95 

Michael Calhoun, '94 

Tara Carrington, '95 

Nicole Colvert, '94 

Julia Cruggs, '94 

Katherine Elder, '95 

Amy Eisner, '95 

Laura Forgeng, '95 

Dayna Gary, '94 

Jodi Gustafson, '95 

Hafdis Hardstfoyyir, '95 

Kelle Henry, '95 

Leslie Houde, '95 

Mary Kriger, '95 

Jane McAllister, '95 

Lisa Pitsenbarger, '94 

Beth Reynolds, '95 

Gayle Sloan, '95 

Loucvetia Speller, '94 

Kim Stokebrand, '95 

Amy Swisher, '95 

Erin Wilson, '95 
Sara Wright, '94 


Top left: Karen Thomas concentrates on making her splint just right. Top 
right: Gigi Pope and Kathy Kuc making splints. Middle right: Occupa- 
tional therapy students enjoying a night out. Above: Susan Murdock 
enjoys a night out at Chi Chi's. Right: Occupational therapy students at a 
Halloween party. 


Physical Z kempt/ 

Nicole Alexander, '95 

Eric Carlson, '95 

Robbyn Cohen, '94 

Michelle Criss, '95 

Kendra Ervin, '95 

Susan Greer, '94 

Michele Harrison, '96 

Cathy Henderson, '95 

Leah Jurewicz, '96 

Eileen Kane, '95 

Mary King, '95 

Tara Newton, '96 

Clint Owens, '94 

Jennifer Paxton, '94 i 

Jeffrey Faskind, '95 f 

Jackie Rigsbee, '95 

Jill Rosenberg, '95 

Nichole Russell, '94 

Brenda Stepanski, '94 

Meghan Trigg, '96 

Mary Tye, '96 

Sheryl Valone, '95 

Catherine Wadsworth, '94 

Elizabeth Ware, '94 

Amy Wentworth, '95 

Mya White, '94 

Susan Wilson, '95 

Julie Woodford, '94 

Physical Therapy Class '96 — First 
row: Sue Buie, Julie Maybach, 
Kristin Garner-Zorn, Robyne 
Willhide, Laura Peed, Carey Gae- 
nzle, Lisa Speakman, Katy Gardner, 
Michele Harrison. Second row: 
Catherine Matthews, Amy Gartrell, 
Melanie Conner, Kim Seate, Jen 
Kistler, Alison Truscott. Third row: 
Tara Newton, Stacy Bassler, Laura 
Broyles, Amber Widmyer, Ginny 
Gatewood, Karen Karwowski, Kale 
Carnathan, Lindsay Payne, Jen 
Woodard. Fourth row: Tim Mar- 
ahrens, Alan Pietruszkiewiez, Jeff 
Leatherman, Trey Clay, Melvin 
Jones, Sarie Feld, Leah Jurewicz, 
Kerry Sparks, Mary Tye, Carl 
Grota, Sharie Doucet, Bill Collie, 
Joy McGufTin, Valerie Davis, Doug 

^asic Health Scimeci 

Basic Mealth Sciences 

Danielle Bird, '94 
Samuel Church, '95 
Marisha Datta, '97 
Mary Beth Graves, '95 
Robert Hitchcock, '95 

Trang Nguyen, '94 
Mary Santos, '95 
Scott Strayer, '94 


Dentistry 1994 

Hamid Afshari 



Steven Anama 



Alan Bills 


T-^>-" m 1 

Darrell Boyce 


Kenneth Boyd 


N?*" - 


Rodney Braun 

Derrick Broadway 

Carol Brooks 

Virginia Chin 

Timothy Collins 

Damon Dearment 

William Descovich 

Debra Duling 

John Ellis 

Mehrdad Favagehi 

Jerry Foretich 

Estelle Friedman 

Christopher Getchell 

Kevin Greenway 

Jane Grosser 

Christopher Huff 

Farokh Jiveh 

Jodi Koford 

Tamara Langeback 

Townes Lea, III 

Maggie Lee 

Kimberly Lindsey 

Patricia Lott 

Chalie Lovelace 

Herbie Mendelson 

T)eHti$try 7994 

Elizabeth Merz 
Christina Mills 
David Montgomery 
Chad Morgan 
Valerie Ngo 

D. Q. Nguyen 
Tina Ochsenfeld 
Shivaprasanna Rai 
Prashant Reddy 
Gary Roach 

David Robbins 
Albert Sasala 
Rebecca Scango 
Heidi Sherman 
Eddie Stallings 

Vida Tahmoresi 
Karen Verga 
Chi Vu 

Robert Weber 
Barton Weis 

Boyd Welton 
Nancy Yang 

T)mti$try 1995 

Jeryl Abbott 

Mansour Alajmi 

Ralph Anderson 

Richard Baier 

Theresa Bain 

Marco Beltrami 

Jeffrey Beyer 

Todd Bivins 

Craig Blackham 

Stelianos Bredologos 

Uma Chaudhari 

Jong Chung 

Penny Cralle 

Liz Cristofano 

John Denison 

Suzanne Dennis 

Ashley Epes 

Scott Flood 

Jim Forni 

Steve Forte 

Jeffrey Friend 
Bart Goldsberry 
Richard Grundy 

Clifton Harris 
Thu-Nga Hoang 

James Johnson 

Paul Kiser 

Christopher King 

Steven Larkin 

Darryl Lefcoe 

T>eHtistry 1995 

Ebrahim Mahmoodi 
Justin Martin 
Shannon McCamish 
Scott Miller 
Sujit Mohanty 

Stephen Recupero 
Jeffrey Riley 
Bahar Rowhani 
John Schinto 
Sangita Snerurkar 

Lana Soules 
Eddie Swanson 
Kevin Swenson 
Patrick Todd 
Jeffrey Wagman 

Vicki Woo 

(^ .*ft-4-^ 

■'b ^'^.cjt^fc-, '^k I ,?^ '3ti m 

Dentistry 1996 

William Adams 

Gregory Bath 

Matthew Brokaw 

Chuck Brown 

Chuck Carter 

Todd Casey 

Cathy Cash 

Steve Castro 

Richard Chisholm 

Andrew Dado 

Damdy Chanthavilay 

Nasser Damirchi 

Bryan Dixon 

Albert Evans 

Farrokh Farrokhnejad 

Sean Fessendan 

William Gardner 

Dean Garfield 

Jeffery Hamling 

Rodney Harris 

Meagan Heilman 

Richard Johnson 

Shohreh Kezerooni 

Corwin Keltner 

Mark Kerr 

Ronald Langdon 

Tara Lowe 

Sean Lucas 

Anthony Martin 

Robert Marzban 

Dentistry 1996 

Reba Matthews 
Carl McCrady 
Ann Miller 
Scott Miller 
Mohammed Mohammed 

Gary Morgan 
Kyle Morgan 
Siegfried Naumann 
Melissa Nazareth 
Parisa Payman 

Mohammed Qahash 
Harry Ramsey 
Tanya Redd 
Steven Ricci 
Rick Rios 

Jovito Sabal 

Maher Sangid 

Jennifer Schools-McDaniel 

Michael Smith 

Brad Spano 

Richard Sterne 
Scott Sullivan 
Damon Thompson 
Justin Thornton 
Daniel I^ebus 

Nicole Van 
Ronald Wanas 
David Wayment 
Glenn Zeh 
Kathy Zinas 

Dentistry 1997 

Amal Ali 

Brian Baird 

Duane Bickers 

Brian Bienstock 

Dennis Blume 

Russell Bogacki 

Jarrod Brown 

Michael Bui 

Jeffrey Cash 

Andria Chapman 

John Chisholm 

Karen Cole 

Sharon Cole 

Domenick Coletti 

Benjamin Collins 

Matthew Cooke 
Mike Covaney 
Paige Crowder 
Brett Dameron 
Galatro Derek 

Janet French 
Richard Golden 
Lonny Grimmer 

Tom Grisius 
Scott Guice 

Jess Hopkin 

Melanie Kim 

David Le 

Michael McCormick 

Phinious Molefe 


Dentistry 7997 

Ernest Moore 
Wendy Moore 
Neill Morrison 
Travis Mueller 
Michael Murphy 

Thang Nguyen 
Keith Olson 
Bonnie Pearson 
Anthony Peluso 
Gregory Poquis 

Keith Pyle 
John Schehl 
Ann Selander 
Alexanra Sprigg 
Clare Stephens 

Ken Tankersley 
Jack Thompson, III 
Al Thresher 
Michael Trantrum 
Jennifer Trider 

Neil Turnage 
Sheila Vacendak 
Sahana Vijay 
Marni Vourhees 
Michael Watkins 

Michael Watson 
Pamela Wetherington 
David Wilkinson 
Leslie Womack 
Behnam Yaghmai 

Dental Mygiene 1994 

Mary Bailey 

Julie Blankenship 

Patricia Brown 

Melanie Callanta 

Linda Chen 

Martha Chenoweth 

Amy Glover 

Anita Kurkure 

Cathy LaChine 

Sheila Little 

Joanne Pierce 

Olivia Sill 

Shelly Spates 

Terri Stevens 

Dental Mygienc 1995 

Pamela Bass, '96 
Michele Duty 
Craig Gordon 
Colleen Greene 
Sally Gregory 

Deborah Guisinger 
Jennifer Hairston 
Katie Harrison 
Karen Jeffreys 
Aimee Largen 

Gisella Millan, '96 
Kim Mulvey 
Stephanie Murphy 
Angela Nadeau 
Rebecca Newton 

Kim Quimby 
Cheryl Selden 
Susan Shaver 
Yevgeniya Shneyder, '96 
Tamala Smith 

Gina Timberlake 
Johathan Williams 
Nancy Wilson 

Right: Dr. Svirsky takes a break on 
the Oral Cancer Screening trip to 
Southwest Virginia. 

Below: Colleen Greene, Angie Below right: Mary Bailey and Julie 
Nadeau, and Ms. Scharer work in Blankenship cozy up to a screening 
dental hygiene clinic. patient. 

DH'94 class has lunch together at the hospital. 

Jonathan Williams and Cheryl Sel- 
don practice scaling. 

Far left: Posture, posture, posture 
. . . you'll thank me later ... in- 
structs Joan Capponigro to Tammie 
Smith and Kim Quimby. 

Left; Anita Kurkure outside the 
train station in Richmond, England. 

Above: Tooth carving made easy by 
Michelle Duty and Katie Harrison. 

Left: A day out in the pasture . . . 
Tammie Smith, Angela Nadeau, 
Stephanie Murphy, and Michele 
Duty, along with Farmer Brad 



Timothy Beirne, '97 

Mark Belt, '97 

Timothy Bowers, '94 

Tina Chou, '97 

Stephen Christensen, '96 

Charles Marsh Cuttino, '94 
Mark Downey, '96 
Mac Duong, '96 
Franklin Ewing, '96 j^ 
Donna Gordon, '95 ^ 

Andrew Hall, '96 

Paul Harvey, '97 

Dick Jachman, '96 

Beverly Jessee, '95 

Tracy Johnston, '94 

Belle Jones, '96 

Anuradha Kapur, '96 

Karen Lambert-Jones, '94 

Alex Lee, '94 

Bernadette Mamaril, '96 

Susan McDaniel, '96 

Brad McQuilkin, '96 

Casey McReynolds, '96 

Nida Mickus, '94 

Adam Morgan, '96 

Michelle Murphy, '96 

Robert Panten, '96 

Eric Park, '97 

Seema Patel, '96 

Keith Roberts, '96 

7. \m 


Jennifer Rose, '97 
Friedman Ruben, '96 
Keith Schumann, '96 
Ravi Shamaiengar, '96 
Paul Sims, '94 

Karen Sullivan, '95 
Camilla Tsui, '95 
Amir Vokshoor, '96 
James Ward, '95 
Darren White, '96 



J^ursing 7994 

Tiffany Anderson 
Karen Allen 
Anna Balser 
Crystal Benton 
Tanya Brown 

Carol Cahalen 
Paul Carel 
Mary Cetlin 
Stephanie Cilento 
Patricia Cole 

Marie Cornwall 
Bonnie Cousins 
Deana Douglas 
Monika Drinkwater 
Oriana Duet 

Lois Eckard 
Annette Edge 
Beth Fairservice 
Pam Falls 
Carol Fowler 

Esther Glasco 
Melissa Haggerty 
Judy Hartman 
Constance Hill 
Miri Hoffman 

Crystal Holbrook 
Elizabeth Hylton 
Carla Irving 
Dionne Johnson 
Crystal Kincaid 

J^urs'mg 1994 

Kimbra Mascilak 

Maureen Neary 

Kara Orendorf 

Debra Phillips 

Dorothy Prowant 

Bonita Randolph 

Bryan Sims 

Cheryl Sloan 

Ellen Spivey 

Beth Sypher 

Jeanne Vaught 

Richard Williams 

Dana Wilmoth 

Left: "Men of Nursing", Brian 
Cameron, Brian Sims, Jim Mon- 
iz, Richard Williams and Paul 
Carel. Below left: Jennifer Hart- 
Lisa Berry, and Jennifer 
Markow discuss managerial 
theory. Below right: Carie Eppes 
and Richard Williams 

Left: Mila Schimpf gathers information on a patient. Above: 
Elizabeth Grose and Wendy Shelder shop in the new book- 

J^ursing 7995 

Kimberly Ball 

Sharen Earner 

Shawn Bockman 

Heather Bright 

Katharine Carlton 

Anne Graham Crowley 

Eric Davis 

Shannon Fleming 

Julie Gilliam 

Julie Green 

Caroline Grove 

April Hampton 

Joyce Hart 

Cynthia Highfill 

Mary Huddleston 

Karen Johnson 

Ronnie Jowers 

Sherry Kelly 

Lesli Manis 

Bettie McGarry 

Renee Metheny 

Julie Nelson 

Kathy Reilly 

Chad Shiflett 

Michelle Southward 

Kristen Stankavich 

Dale Treadway 

Bobbii Tucker 

Carol White 

Marcy Woodward 

It -cr7 fl^H 


Above left: LaTasha Whitlock and Voncier Parker take a 
break in the hospital. Above right: April Hampton cele- 
brates at the end of year picnic. Left: Julie Green, Janet 
Terreri, and Pam Bunker prepare for the last health 
assessment class. 

J^ursing 1996 

Kesha Cole 

Gloria Gerda 

Jorclynn Intal 

Sharena Jackson 

Jennifer Morris 

Catherine Simmons 

Kelly Wells |- 


Pharmacy 1994 

Lee Ann Ardini 
Kimberly Ashby 
Wendy Black 
Clint Blanton 
Tina Boyd 

Deborah Brooks 
Julie Burruss 
Jason Cahill 
Terry Carroll 
Dorothy Conner 

Tami Conner 
Laurie Cox 
Chrissy Cronin 
Mary Doane 
Dawn Edwards 

David Flammia 
Hilda Flory 
Kimberly French 
Hema Gandhi 
Jennifer Garber 

James Gross 
Patricia Grubbs 
Missy Harbert 
Tim Hayes 
Abbey Heath 

Robert Hubbard 
Melissa Ivey 
Angela Jones 
Tammy Jones 
Victoria Jones 

Pkarmacy 1994 

Anita Kapur 

Angela Keating 

Katherine Klotz 

Lisa Lewis 

Tamara Liggon 

Amanda Mahle 

Stephanie Matney 

Tammy Mehalko 

Teresa Mills 

Lauri Miner 

Sara Morrison 


Greg MuUins 

[J.". jBI 

Cathie Murray 

John Nett 

M^^ ^Hk: 

Brandon Pace 


IjJP ff^;!' 

Gayle Paul 

Stephanie Pence 

Tamthom Pham 

David Plantz 

Dawn Posch 

Michelle Reed 

Baylor Rice 

Bonnie Ruch 

Deirdre Rumrill 

Rise Shaffer 

Tom Shea 

Christine Shorter 

Ginger Sisson 

Mary Southworth 

Laura Stephens 

Pharmacy 1994 

Sonia Townes 
Douglas Webb 
Sherri Wenzig 
Traci Werner 
Tracie Wood 

Rae Carol Works 
Rosemary Young 

Pharmacy 7995 

Randy Angeles 

Pamela Baird 

Kimberly Baker 

Kurt Bell 

Lori Blosser 

Ann Boyd 

Gary Bradley 

Charlotte Catarsi 

Ed Crawford 

Kelly Croft 

Brandi Cummings 

Maria Damico 

Robbie Darracott 

Caroline Davis 

Shaun Dillon 

Mark Dorsey 

Tricia Falls 

Ann Foster 

Michelle Gardner 

Renee Gebb 

Mark Gravitt 

Brent Gregory 

Barbara Guemple 

Michele Harpere 

David Harrison 

Lorelei Henderson 

James Horn 

Lea Johns 

Sanjay Joshi 

Behnam Kamrad 


Pharmacy 7995 

Debbie Kristoff 
Marcia Lambert 
Matthew Lee 
Angela Lester 
Albina Locarno 

Cynthia Love 
John Lowe 
Faten Mahmound 
Deanna Martin 
Sherry McClure 

Todd Miller 
Holly Morris 
Karen Mulheron 
Ellen Neatrour 
Sarah Newkirk 

Tracy Nicholson 
Karen Norris 
D. Overton 
Joanna Quarles 
Jennifer Risser 

Anthony Ruggiero 
Amy Silverstein 
Melanie Sliger 
William Sudduth 
Hazel Thomas 

J. Tilley 

Mark Wilkinson 
Theresa Williams 
Sharon Wolff 
Kevin Wood 






^W - :- 



KBEt ^^JI^^^^^^^^^H 








Pharmacy 1996 

Jodi Campbell 

Kristen Cook 

Angela Delaney 

Thomas Duff 

Heather Fariss 



Kelley Giles 

Ziba Gorji 

Jamie Haight 

Curtis Hedrick 

Dang Huynh 

Anne Johnston 

Darren Jones 

Patty Kim 

Lisa Long 

Jennifer Lowe 

David Nelson 

Noelle Parsons 

Martin Paulus 

Chad Pierce 

Leslie Richard 

Lisa Lozito 


Amy Maciel 

' K .. ^H 

Jason Mumper 

' ^Jk*^.^^! 

Susan Myrick 

JV*~ "^^1 

Anita Narasimhan 


Pharmacy 7996 

Margaret Rothgeb 
Donna Royster 
Jennifer Sanders 
Alice Shupe 
David Smith 

Kimberly Sparks 
Jennifer Stallings 
Maria Tadalan 
Tonya Tate 
Christine Tesack 

Tonya Thomas 
Mary Kay Valkuchak 
Nicole Vance 
Gwendolyn Vancleef 
Kimberly Varney 

Urvashi Vashee 
Vicki Weatherford 
Marlene Wick 

nniHri^HM' ~ ''"AB 


^^^■pmH '^''^H 








Top: Chris Currin shoots for 3 pts. Middle: P'94 Softball team. D'94 girls football 

Top: Geoff Johnson runs for the touchdown. Above: 
Chris Currin goes for the shot. 

The girls pharmacy team fights for possession of the ball. 

Melanie Sliger takes a shot 


X V 

Daryle Baker shoots for three points. 

Bernard Williams makes a hook shot. P'95 guys are basketball champs! 

Top: Tina Smith and Herbie Mendelson. Above: Herbie Top: Cecilia and Alan Bills talking in lab before clinic. Above 
Mendelson as the "Human Gyroscope". Nikki Hess looks to make a pass. 

""" w — 

^ g 



iTop: David Montgomery searches for another CD to 
play. Top right: Angela Lester, Krisen Cook, Teresa 
Tadalan, Chucku Vashee, Nikki Smythe, and Marlene 
Wick have a study session together. 

Middle: Berkeley Rayfield, Jason Mumper, and Kevin AUgood. Above: 
Angela Lester and Marlene Wick take a study break. 

The Picture Says It All! 

01 M/ork 


Right: Carol Brooks assists Jim Forni with an 
extraction. Below: Jong Chung gets a start check 
from Dr. Kim. Below right: Dental hygiene stu- 
dents sponsor a bake sale. Bottom left: Dave 
Montgomery files charts. Below right: Craig Gor- 
don prepares to scale fellow student, Nancy 

.-1 !^ 

Hyunmee Lee works on a patient in the newly renovated dental clinic. 
Steve Anama polishes a gold crown. 

Above left: The Psi Omega Dental Fraternity collected over 1,300 articles 
of clothing and over 300 food items for Freedom House. Above right: 
Herbie Mendelson vents a little frustration in lab. 

Phelicia Berry and Anna Carlton dancing the night away. 

Jenny Williams and Chad Morgan are ready for a night on thei 

Bill Descovich and David Montgomery enjoying a Delta Sigma Delta crab feast. Below: Gary 
Bradley, Randy Angeles, Lorelei Henderson, Jennifer Tilley, Caroline Davis, and Daryle 
Baker know how to party after an exam. Middle: Rae Carol Works, John Lowe, and Kristen 

Todd Miller, James Gross, and Ronnie Depue relaxing on a Friday night. Dr. 
Jeff Wood, Dr. Elaine Martinez, Bill Descovich, and Jim Forni at the 1993 
VWnter Formal. 

Classic Faces 

Breaking From the Routine - "^^^ |>^| 

Top: Tish Grubbs, Missy Herbert, and Nancy Delph. Top right 
Sarah Morrison avoids a defender. Above left: Freshmar 
dental students taking a break at a happy hour. Above: Tre) 
Nelson relaxes on the weekend. Left: Sophomore dental stu- 
dents at a 70's party. 

Left: Bill Descovich and Tore Steinberg cooking dinner? Be- 
low: Abbey Heath and Tamara Liggon on spring break. Bot- 
tom: Steve Larkin makes the winning catch. 

Vital Signs of 


Top left: Pharmacy girls on spring break. Top right: Kim Switzer and Lee 
Ann Ardini "pumping it". Above left: Dental students spending time 
together. Above: Wendy Black and Becky Burton. Left: Pharmacy 
students at a class picnic. 

ibove: Rebecca Scango and Penny Cralle as girlscout and grapes at the 
[alloween party. Right: Joo Yoo Bae, Michelle Murphy, Chucku Vashee, Lisa 
ozito, and Tonya Thomas. Right: Students relax at an SGA party after a 
ard week in school. 

c i 


All Work, No Play 

The Camera Doesn't Lie 


The 1994 X-Ray was printed by offset 
lithography by Delmar Printing and 
Publishing, Charlotte, NC. A total of 
1500 copies were run. Each copy con- 
sists of 176, trim size 8y2"Xll" pages 
printed on special stock 80 LBS paper. 
The cover is made of navy blue lex- 
otone, with silver foil stamping and a 
silver metalay of the Egyptian Build- 
ing. The cover has been embossed, 
grained and overtoned in black. The 
books were long bound and Smyth 
sewn. The first two signatures were 
printed in 4-color. Throughout the re- 
mainder of the book, various percent- 
ages of black ranging from 10 to 80 
percent were used. Our Delmar repre- 
sentative was Lisa Dean. 

Portraits were photographed in Sep- 
tember of 1993 and processed by Year- 
book Associates. 

The 1994 X-Ray is a publication of 
the Student Government Association's 
elected editor and assistant editor for 
the students and faculty of the Medical 
College of Virginia. 

Looking Back 

A Note From the Editor 

ijBtW-, CDimt anJuZJmu . . . lf'dt ii MbO koM oLmi^ bSmmts- enWi/Uui 
'oem,. tutlfiot (iX't ^~^\)b picW'. E% (W, \\mvmj. mvjhe^ wfidt ft iA uhte put 
IJBaeltfm/ oi amwedj — eipmm^ m poAt (wmltmtmi,. >JiuJt m& mj !>t£mi fMj ah 
dameoi eMs^. ana O nepej enmuene/ nai, w^'s^eilKiA De&L ai mum ai Kait ^eM/i. 

yFui ii mil (jwjucij %■ am, ipmol maim te- ~m&(,< um- mm neupm Mb oxm(^ Uw 

^ ■ ■ ■ 

•:Jnmnj, 2)ai, QJitiM. &r Qmjv — xJmim ^ alltm^ om^ p\Ma' &I nwaiul: win^ nw 

ana umkina ie- mm to- imp nw Daajmfc um- CI ajrv. 

djil — yFuuiii ^ i^euA/ wm, pdtkna, and unmhlmm^ ana M ^wM/ iujspsit ah 

fliiiitant eattM/. 

SuintJoU &ahi ©I 1994 — OaJo ^ i^mvnah touemi mj li^ wj ijeufv emv hpmal mij. 

iJnonk jj^ heme, urnim^ thm ^Wn tm past ]|«uA/ ijmhh. 

^dL ^uf at 608 ^. 29t^c5t. — 'rJLnk l&>o M ijmJv M)p ah pait e^tk i^mfiLsd, 

dyV Jjmman,. Qjiw. ana, UMni, — lieu, w, mwtm tmm, O ejan^ttmnlL Uiw/ e/mium,. 
CDahbahn,, crdt, ^mma, Q<Mn>i< ana, (juoHia — Jmim je\i putting a, SmJm m, mij jo£e. 

'J^an£U, UoM,, ami aieiaiu — Jmm ^ g^ttui^ me,tmM^n, ||<wt ^caA/ aAtL ^ ou,tm 

a\edt tjMih in, LAiardhh. 
Q^mttj, '5&W/, .SBtffi. ^Stdmt, C^ta'fe, (%i. Gl^tmh. anJb'zKoMn, — ?ILnk jjev 
axltM ohuhi) ana wumtehi . . . uew u, MtWv mm- fW manu tuneh usw Wi piam, nw up 
ana, mJpm, nw get thm/^n, m, mj. 

(zmJI — iJnaim jo>v axil jbuA ^uJulmeej, Jjii O (L i^oedr 
aimk, — 'jruum |m/ uein^ iuA, a, mm, wa pattntA,, jiMt mn,t emh tm tW. 
stjhw dJuun — rjhanU |m/ oM, ijm/v mJp in, rnohn/^ jet anemk awt umi,. 
O CMixwivt mntiMi awiume,, out uou, rmw- wne- aew oA& . . . uuMh le\, umMinn 

...dU ^M. 

(%i^M cMMh ^oMM, £)mDA% 1994